What kinds of American food do people long for in other countries?


Kind of like how I always crave for doner kebabs, raclette, caprese salad and tabouleh from different countries. What do foreigners think about American cuisine? Any dishes that stand out?




In India people like food from McDonalds (Indianized version – no beef), KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes.

I have visited some of these places and liked them


my guilty pleaures that i loveeee from America are

ho hos
those red tortilla chips (i cant remember the brand name)
taco bells vegetarian range :)


McDs for sure!


I am an American living in Venezuela and what I miss the most is Tex-Mex food…also little things like cheddar cheese, pimiento cheese and sweet pickle relish(the 2 latter items I have learned to make myself).


It’s not really cuisine, but every time I went to visit my friend in Germany (she worked here in the states for a summer as an au pair), she asked me to bring her cranberry juice cocktail because at the time they didn’t have it there.

tiny Valkyrie

When I was in London 2 years ago, I have to say I missed pizza more than anything else.

I’m sorry, the Brits can’t make a good pie to save their lives!


They are crazy for pizza in Morocco and the young people think McDonalds is good, but they sell a higher quality of sandwhich than what they sell in the US. They also love American chocolates and all types of chocolate bars.


Mainly all the unhealty fast food.
Milky way, Oreos,
The big mac (in europe they dont even deserved to be called big mac)
That about the salads its not so true, and they avoid all the heavy dressings, ranch etc,
As for me, a good hotdog and a burger.

it's J Mcshay

lobsters and steaks ;)

g spot


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