What could be some sort of american national dish?


I need to prepare a dish that represents the american cuisine for a class but I can’t really think of anything. Could anyone help me out? :)




Beef and Beer.

Happiest in the kitchen.

Apple pie is thought of as all American.

Cornbread and baked beans.


You can’t get much more American than Hamburgers and Hotdogs. Although, Apple Pie is also a classic American dish (and it will probably earn you more credit in your class). If you are down South, make a Pecan Pie- very classic. Lastly: The Philadelphia Cheesteak (the name speaks for itself).


There are a lot of things that are “American” but it is hard to pick something that is enjoyed and typical of the entire nation.

I would say Roast Turkey and stuffing would be representative and enjoyed in every state. (you don’t have to make an entire turkey – just get a frozen turkey loaf – like jenny o – and bake it, and slice it)

Potato chips and popcorn are both American and enjoyed everywhere.

Chili with beans and Nachos are both Tex-Mex and eaten just about anywhere.

nazima m

Fried Green Tomatoes
Baked beans
Corn dogs
Apple pie
Fried pickles


I have had the pleasure of serving my famous Southern Fried Chicken to many friends from “across the pond” and they LOVE IT. Even if not fried – a really good slow roast well seasoned chicked is pretty American.


! ! “American” ! !
you have got to be kidding ☺ ?
A nation of every world nation represented
ahh ! ! – - the only truly americans are the native indians
So – - any wild game meat – tubers – grains – fruit- – dish- flat bread – soup – stew
Oh B T W a alcoholic beverage


Franks and Beans


Turkey with cornbread dressing and giblet gravy. Serve cranberry sauce on the side.

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