Every dish eaten in America has originated elsewhere! Is there anything called American Cuisine?


Every country, every civilization has a cuisine of its own.
I was thinking of tasting the real American cuisine. And, I never found one.
Every food item eaten in America, has been a part of another cuisine (including bread, pizza, burger, sandwich, cheese….)
What were Americans eating before the British Invasion?? and, esp, without the soda???
My statement could be totally wrong. I am just trying to explore the cuisine history of America.
Any help is appreciated.




we invented sourdough bread. that’s all we need

I am that I am

creole, southwestern cuisine…


South American/Native North American…

Succotash comes to mind.
-Hot chocolate
-alcoholic corn drink called chica


Canada has similar issues at which point some point to the indigenous animals, especially Bison and some types of salmon. The methods don’t really change.


Anything with corn is pretty american. Corn dogs are probably the most American thing you could ever put in your mouth. Corn + hotdog + stick, yup.

L10 wrench

Barbecued Ribs is the quintessential American cuisine. Others include Cajun foods such as Jambalaya, Gumbo, and fried okra.


In Maine we call it corn.lol.Actually the clawed lobsters,Homarus Amaricanus,found off the shores of the northeast are an original.


Oh sure, there’s lots of American cuisine.
Boiled mixed vegetables.
Pasta laced in garlic accompanied by garlic bread.
Garlic salad.
Boiled corn on the cob.
Pizza Pizza Pizza.
Pizza Hut Pizza.
Boston Pizza.
Chop suey.
Chow mein.
AND much more disgustingly inedible garbage. Americans are scavengers; they’ll eat anything.

Dresden Rose

The hamburger was invented just a couple of blocks from Yale Unirversity. Pizza was invented on the Lower East Side of NYC. The Rueben sandwich was the winner in an original sandwich contest in Nebraska. There are lots of foods that are typically American. Just look for them.


Here in Northern California, the first peoples (Native Americans or Indians) ate ground oak acorns fried into patties and seasoned with salt, fresh shellfish and fish from the ocean, bays, or rivers. They gathered berries and nuts.
If you study Anthropology, you will find that most native cuisine is similar: a starch, a little protein, and then seasonings like salt or honey. This is true all over the world.


I think the turkey is the true American food. Its the only one which has been developed from a native resource into a unique national dish.
Everything else..from bread to corn to grits has its equivalent in the “Old World”


McDonalds,Burger King,Kentucky Fried Chicken,Dairy Queen just to name a few.They are world famous restraunts too.


How about Buffalo chicken wings?

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